The Top 10 Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

So you just shook hands with your new digital marketing team. Whether you’re feeling excited, relieved, or you’re bracing and hoping your entire business doesn't crumble to the ground within a couple of weeks, you must have start with a few questions. After all, digital marketing is one of the most fluidly changing aspects of business out there. As with anything in life, you never stop learning in marketing. Even the most fluent and educated marketers have more to learn because the digital landscape is changing every second. This can make looking from the outside in a little murky. If you had a dollar for every time someone asked “So what does a digital marketing agency do exactly?” you would be rich and wouldn't have to hire one. The best thing for you and your business to do is to educate yourselves by asking the right questions. Here are ten questions you should ask your digital marketing agency:

  1. What will I get for my money? - This is a great place to start because your budget is the most critical factor to be on the same page about. The budget is the foundation for your next campaign.

  2. How do you measure success? - It can be hard to know if what your paying for is “working.” Ask your marketing agency what to look for so you can follow along with results from your campaigns. Success can be measured in a multitude of ways. You and your agency need to be on the same page to hold each other accountable.

  3. What is the process for meeting marketing goals? - If you are unaware of the process, it can be frustrating when results take too long, or you never see them at all. The process should involve a timeframe for results and a step-by-step action plan.

  4. What's experience do you have with other businesses? - Of course, this is something you can and should research on your own, but hearing it from the agency themselves will give you a proper perspective on their track record. Do they already do work in your industry? Do they work with any of your competitors? It’s important that your agency remains unbiased in your campaign.

  5. What does communication look like in this partnership? - If you and your agency don't have excellent communication, chances are you probably aren't going to get much out of that relationship. There needs to be a designated point of contact on both sides of the partnership in order to avoid confusion.

  6. How many companies do you work with? - Agencies go about their jobs differently based on the size of their team and clients they work with. You want an agency that has time to invest in you and your company.

  7. What accreditations does your company have? - It’s always important to be knowledgeable and ahead of the marketing curve. Your digital marketing agency should have an edge in the industry. Ask about certain certifications and awards your digital marketing agency has received.

  8. How do you stay current with the latest technology and trends? - Marketing is quite possibly the most fluidly changing area of business, so it's crucial to have insight about how your agency manages the constant influx of new information.

  9. Are your practices proven? - Sure a company may have methods that have been in place for years but are these practices proven successful? Also, could they be more effective and efficient? See if your digital marketing agency has a case study portfolio to show what results their strategies have achieved.

  10. What knowledge do you have about our company? - Your agency is an extension of your own company. Through this relationship, they need to understand your image, your mission, and your goals. It is crucial they have a plan to learn.

It would be best if you made your decision based on confidence. It's a great feeling when you work with an agency that understands your company and works in sync with your objectives. If you have confidence they will do this; you will be pleasantly surprised as you watch your company blossom. We suggest that you ask these questions in order to gain the confidence you’re searching for. Start off on the right foot with your new digital marketing agency!