Here’s Why Site Audits are Crucial for Your Website

When it comes to your website, you don't find out about most issues until it’s too late. Some of the most critical components of your site are technical things you probably weren't even looking for until you've ran a thorough at a website audit. Think of your website as a luxury car. You might avoid maintenance for years, but the car still looks gorgeous from the outside, maybe the interior too. Pop the hood, and you'll come to find some of the moving parts don't perform as well as they used to. Luckily, there’s a solution to this issue: continuous website audits. We have a team dedicated to solving website audit issues. Here are a few issues audits detect that are crucial for your website performance:

Overall Website Relevancy

“SEO” is undoubtedly a buzzword, or a buzz-acronym if you will, and it’s essential for marketing purposes. Meta descriptions, alt text and well-placed keywords are all critical components for ranking higher on Google. Google will dock your ranking if your website does not have relevant information relating to the keywords that users are searching.

Website Effectiveness

It's important to constantly optimize your site. One key and simple factor for effectiveness is to ensure your pages have only one H1 tag (more than one can confuse the search engine). An H1 tag indicates how important that message is. When a page has multiple H1 tags, it confuses Google and lowers your overall ranking.

Website Efficiency

Another important portion of your website audit is efficiency. There are many technical errors that can impact your website’s efficiency. Landing pages with too short or too long of titles will rank lower on a search list. Long pages take longer to load, duplicate titles weaken the pages they link to, along with many other factors. If your website load speed is inefficient, your website as a whole is dinged by Google and will not rank optimally. Continuously audit your website and take the load speed into consideration.

Every inch of your website is tested in a website audit so that you can have a glimpse at the technical errors that you weren’t aware of beforehand. A good site is updated occasionally while a great website is audited and updated constantly.