How the Potential Agency Should Show Results

When it comes to results, you need to be very picky with how your results are reported. So many agencies can hide behind impressions, visits, calls, click through rates (CTR) and beyond but as a business owner, you should care about one thing, your bottom line. At EIC, we take reporting and results to the next level and actually tell you to the penny how much money your marketing dollars got you. Your potential agency can have a KPI of calls but if those calls don’t amount to revenue, then what’s the point? Don’t let rest on their laurels and actually listen to the calls yourself. If you don’t have time to do that, pay them to or use a software like Callrail who will transcribe calls for 2 cents a minute. From top to bottom, a digital agency should always show an increase in:

  1. Online rankings

  2. Online engagement

  3. Website or social traffic

  4. Brand mentions

  5. Email open and click-through rates

  6. Ad click-through rates

  7. Organic CTR’s

  8. Revenue that was driven and by which marketing outlet

  9. Increase in impressions

  10. Increase in conversion rates

There are quite a few more and it can often depend on the type of digital marketing you’re doing but it all comes down to dollars. Don’t let an agency hide behind numbers or acronyms and ask them some tough questions when it comes to reporting.