Here’s Why Emojis Should Be A 🔑 Part of Your SEO Strategy

Emojis are a language of their own in the 21st century, so why the heck wouldn’t they be a part of your marketing strategy? Nowadays, all you have to do is send “🏠” to let someone know you’ve made it home. In the marketing world, it’s important to adapt your plans to include demographics that use emojis instead of actual words. Here are a few ways you can use emojis to boost your SEO:


Promote Local Search Results 🌎

If you own a taco restaurant, it’s likely that national taco chains in your area already use the taco emoji. We typed the taco emoji into the keyword search on Google. As a result, we can see that Taco Bell uses the emoji to rank:


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.09.03 PM.png



The good news is, you can jump in on the fun, too! Whether you start with the emoji in your website metadata description, keywords or as a part of your Google search name, adding the emoji will help you to rank higher.


Here’s how Voodoo Taco uses the emoji in their Google search:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.09.36 PM.png


Keep your brand interesting with emojis, they’re a small investment that can bring in more traffic and more sales. Besides, they make content way more fun! Emojis will increase your click-through rate (CTR) and relevancy on Google, which means it’s time for you to jump on the emoji 🚂. Let your emoji-flag fly and see how you appeal to the new demographic and see the return on your small investment.