Project Beacon is the Next Best Product from Google

Google just released their latest and greatest tool, the Google Beacon. Recipients of the Beacon are Google partners that have a physical location and are currently utilizing Google’s advertising services. This completely free service helps select business owners improve business quality so if you've received a beacon at your doorstep, congratulations! Let us explain how it works and how it benefits your business.



What Is A Beacon?


A beacon is a small Bluetooth-powered device that triggers messages to your customers' phones as they come through your door. The signal is sent in order to enhance customer experience. The transmitted signal greets your customers with all your latest deals and products. Once the customer heads out the door they’ll be sent an invitation to leave a review about their experience.


The Beacon allows for your in-store customers to become digitally plugged in, which drives your SEO ranking, and who doesn’t love that?! From a marketing standpoint, it’s a no-brainer. We definitely recommend that you use the beacon to improve user experience!


What If I Didn’t Receive A Beacon?


Google is currently taking applications to receive the Google Beacon. If you have a physical location and are currently utilizing Google’s advertising services, you’re eligible to apply. There’s still a chance that Google will deny the request, but hey, "’’You miss 100% of the shots you don't take’ - Wayne Gretzky’ -Michael Scott"


Customer experience drives revenue. This Google-push for excellent customer service is a major step in the right direction. Who doesn't love ranking higher on Google for free? Reviews can make or break your company, so show your customers that you’re the place they need be at.