YouTube Ads Are Crushing The Marketing Game: Here's Why

Here's the deal. The modern wave of marketing your business has to go beyond stock images and boring blogs. Take the next step in your marketing journey with video’s a big move, so we know it needs careful consideration. Nearly every app offers video advertisement opportunities, from Facebook and Youtube to Instagram and Hulu. With over 1 billion users, Youtube is a massive platform that’s constantly growing. Your target audience is living there and here's why your content should be, too:

People Love To Watch

Videos are some of the most engaging content to date and we’re loving it. While people may log on to Facebook to read articles, post pictures or maybe watch a video, Youtubers log on to solely watch Youtube videos. They pick their videos with the intent to watch, so chances are they'll watch your ad in the process. The most common video ads on Youtube are the skippable (TrueView ads) and unskippable (bumper ads) that appear before or during your video. While a video ad may seem intimidating, they’re straightforward to create and prove to be highly effective. According to Adobe, over 72% of instream skippable ads are watched to completion.

Google + Youtube Partnership

Google’s ownership of Youtube is probably the biggest advantage that Youtube has over its competitors. This means your Youtube account and your Google account are connected. Information collected from your Google account such as demographics on your target audience affect the type of ads that pop up on your youtube videos. Also, keyword targeting is less expensive than it is on through Google PPC ads. So, as expected, a partnership with Google has its perks.


You should be. Video content has never been more accessible and affordable than it is right now because of Youtube. By the end of today, over 500 million hours of Youtube videos will be viewed. Your audience couldn't be in a more convenient spot for you. They’re locked into some video content and are more than likely willing to hear what you have to say.