Here's How Full Circle Campaigns Go Beyond the Data

Data has driven the marketing world for quite some time now, and rightfully so. There’s a ton of media at our fingertips that we strategically use to create brands that influence the community around us. It’s been said that an ad has to be viewed at least seven times before viewers take action. Now, in 2018, businesses are able to get in front of customers via social media over seven times in as little as one day.

Here’s a newsflash: data that’s collected from ads is worth only a fraction of our efforts. Let’s say part of your campaign isn't performing as well as you’d like. Take into account that there are untrackable results from your campaign that add value to all of your work. Here are some of those untrackable results:

Brand Perception

Everytime your company is seen in any aspect by the public eye, that person has the ability to interpret the content surrounding your brand however they want. Brands that portray positive and lasting impressions quickly gain brand recognition. Brand perception is extremely important because when someone thinks of your brand, you want them to rave over you and explain to others what exactly your brand represents. An example of this instance is the brand “TOMS,” this company has incredible brand recognition that everyone can get behind. TOMS is known for their charitable cause of gifting a pair of shoes to a child in need each time they sell a pair of shoes. It’s the first thing we think of when we hear “TOMS.” Like the Butterfly Effect (not the Travis Scott song), a full circle marketing campaign indirectly builds your brand recognition.

Word of Mouth

After you create positive brand recognition, your audience then begins to spread your brand by word of mouth. You build raving fans with your ads, develop brand recognition and before you know it, your raving fans begin to refer you to new potential raving fans. Your ad isn’t there just to bring in numbers, it serves as a tidal wave that sends these ripples into motion.

When you launch a marketing campaign, numbers are important but they aren’t everything. Your campaign may start with a goal to bring in X amount of new leads or deals, but the goal indirectly includes building brand popularity amongst the community. We’re here to develop your brand into the best it can possibly be. The marketing Butterfly Effect is real and deserves your recognition.