Live Chat: Magic or Just Genius?

In a world that’s more digital than ever before, companies need to constantly innovate or they’ll risk loss of profit. Live chat is a great way to provide instant customer service to  potential consumers. It’ll give you the chance to instantly establish a relationship with consumers and make it less likely for them to leave your site.

Implementing Live Chat

Programs like Hubspot and Drift have made it easier than ever to implement this added feature. You can connect it directly to an associate or give it an automated personality to let the bot collect lead information. This feature that once seemed so high tech is now realistic and an absolute must in order to collect leads and make your business grow.

Here’s Why You Need It

The marketing industry is saturated with apps, softwares and tools that drive business. A chat bot empowers the consumer to get their questions answered in a matter of seconds. If your brand has a solid personality, your bot should convey that in it’s tone and voice when interacting with consumers. In order to build a successful bot, you need to create a great conversational flow between your bot and the consumer. Keep inbound messaging framework in mind while you build the bot.

You want to connect with your audience, this means that you need toengage with a conversational tone. Understand your audience, design a conversation with filtering questions to understand the users intent in the most efficient way possible. Refine the conversation, based on user interactions continue to optimize your strategy in order to provide more value and encourage habitual use of the bot. Deliver a solution with rich media without forcing users to leave the live chat. In a world of constant chatter, a truly helpful voice is more powerful than you think.