How Do I Rank For Google's "Near Me" Feature?

Maybe you’re headed out for coffee in a new town or you're at work dreaming about your lunch options. At some point, you’ll Google, “coffee shops near me” or “lunch spots near me.” This feature applies to businesses of all industries (including yours). Now the question at hand is, how can you use this to your advantage? Well, the answer is simple: optimize your Google Local Business listing. Here are a few steps to get you in the right direction:



Clean Up Your Listing

Google loves a clean listing that creates a simplified user experience. If your listing isn't up to Google’s standards, your ranking automatically downgrades. Your Google Business listing needs the following attributes:


  • A custom profile photo

  • A display name that matches your listing’s name

  • A URL that doesn’t redirect

  • A display name with proper capitalization

  • Local phone number displayed

  • Google verified business

  • Minimum of five Google reviews


And a word to the wise:

  • Omit legal terms such as LLC and Inc.

  • Don't include P.O. box identification numbers

  • Definitely no 1-800 numbers


Once your Google My Business listing reflects these characteristics, Google allows your business to rank on the first page of “near me searches.” Now let’s take it up a notch…


Show Off Your Raving Reviews

Now you know Google expects at least five reviews, an increase in reviews will blow their standards out of the water. To rank even higher, Google needs to see that your business is desirable and worthy of being presented as the best place to go for seafood, manicures, tanning, etc. How do you do that? Optimize your customer reviews by encouraging your returning customers to shoot you a review. These efforts will go a long way in the eyes of Google, and you’ll rank better in no time.


We both know you have the best product or service in town, now it’s time to show the Google-ing world how impressive your business really is. When you go above and beyond Google’s requirements to prove yourself, your ranking is sure to skyrocket and you’ll see an influx of new faces looking for the best Jacksonville has to offer. Now, time to get to work! Happy optimizing!