How Data Can Be Your Best Friend for Content

Let’s be real, we all struggle with writer’s block. We know to turn that list of keywords into content but what do you do when you run out of keywords? Odds are, your business or website accumulates some sort of unique data. Use this to your advantage. For example, check out this article released by OK Cupid. It has absolutely nothing to do with the app. Instead, it’s just a content article on facts the app had collected that their audience may find interesting. Chances are you don’t have access to millions of profiles and data like OK Cupid does. Despite that, here are a couple places you can begin the search for your uncommon and interesting data:


Google Analytics and Adwords

Look for trends in Google Analytics and Adwords for your data reporting. Do you notice any increases in certain keywords at certain times? Look for trends around holidays, geography, local events, etc. Use your logic, find a trend or something unique in your data to create content your audience would enjoy reading. There’s plenty of data in Google Analytics and Adwords, you’re bound to find something that connects.


Sales Data

Take notice of your metrics! Notice when your sales increase and decrease, when people are purchasing more units per transaction and when people spend more money per transaction. Also, take notice of the number of people that walk into your store or go to your website who actually make a purchase (conversion). Consider the time of the year, local activities, the economy and who your audience is. Find keywords that correlate with the patterns of your data. There are correlations, you just have to dig for them.


Survey Data

Take advantage of your sales and lead history. Run surveys and use the data gather to create content for your company/website. Find correlations between personality traits and something that has to do with your business. For example, a clothing store could write a blog on a certain personality going for a certain color (a sassy personality going for more red clothes than a quiet personality), an insurance company could write content repairing level of education and the amount of accidents that person has been in (people with degrees are less likely to cause accidents), etc.


Next time you’re struggling with writer’s block, consider turning to consumer data for content. It provides a unique perspective to your content that your audience will love. It doesn’t have to be extremely relevant to your business, just a simple trend your audience will find appealing. Data content is all in the numbers. Use OK Cupid’s article as an example. You just have the data, you just have to dig for it!