Reputation Management and Why You Need it

Your business’ first page on Google is its 21st-century business card. In a world where one bad review can quickly sway the minds of potential customers, online reputation management (ORM) can make or break your company. It’s crucial to implement a strategy for building a reputation that’s in line with the mission of your brand.


Reputation management goes far beyond responding to negative reviews.

A comprehensive ORM strategy instills trust in your business and can convert potential customers into valuable clients, which is your ultimate goal for all this stuff, right? People form an instant opinion of your business from a split-second scan of your online presence. Did Tammy write a scathing review about your company on Google three years ago that went unresolved? That one-star review and tremendously detailed complaint will follow you and leave an impression on everyone checking out your company online. Without ORM, kiss converting these could-be customers goodbye.


Online reviews are the modern form of word-of-mouth, with 84% of people trusting online opinions as much as recommendations from friends or family. A great strategy will highlight your strengths, correct potential weaknesses (poor reviews, low-yielding SEO, poor ranking on Google) and create a favorable image of your company. The world has proven that social media is here to stay and a great business will embrace this fact. Proactively — instead of reactively — keeping up with your online presence allows your business to be more transparent and reputable (1-to-1 communication channels, requesting feedback, addressing criticism).


EIC Digital will help you maximize your business’ presence on digital channels that your customers trust. These are a few ORM strategies that are no-brainers for client-focused companies:


  • Quickly remedy online customer complaints – Tammy should’ve promptly received a response to her complaint a few years ago, been provided with a solution to her problem and subsequently changed or removed her review.
  • Constant social media monitoring – Your business’ platform goes beyond the website. A non-existent presence on Facebook and Twitter is just as bad as poor reviews.
  • Blog posts to improve SEO – Getting a positive impression of your business to the first page of Google should be your immediate priority. EIC Digital can make it happen.


People are talking about your business online, whether you like the discussion or not.

The obvious next step is to take control of the conversation. We’ll leverage the power of review monitoring and generation (through Birdeye), website audits and social media management to boost your digital presence, build your relationships with clients and maximize your business’ potential.