4 Skills Your Team Shouldn’t Ignore

An amazing employee is hard to come by (lucky for us, we have a whole team of ’em!) A solid work ethic and a good moral compass are obvious traits to look for in a new hire, but we challenge you to take it a step further. If you’re bringing someone new onto your team, they’ve gotta be freaking awesome. From the way they do their job to the conversations they have around the office, your new team member should fit the bill of your perfect employee. Aside from the obvious traits, these are a few important yet subtle skills you should try to identify in potential marketing team members:


Stacked Certifications

Because of the constantly evolving and fluctuating nature of our industry, an employee who demonstrates a willingness to continuously grow their skillsets is a keeper. Most certifications and training are totally free, so there’s absolutely no excuse for your new hire to lack relevant training. Look for Hootsuite, Hubspot, Google Analytics and Photoshop experience when hiring. Although these are some of our favorites, there are countless other certifications available.


Wicked Good Wordsmith

Every successful marketing campaign is content-heavy at its core. From short-form social media posts to website copy, there’s no denying that content is king. Your new hire should know their way around a keyboard with ease, regardless of their position in your company. Writing is a skill that takes years of practice and is nearly impossible to fake. Before you make the final decision on hiring, ask for some writing samples to see what they bring to the table.


Rockin’ Rapport

Was the interview awkward or did conversation naturally flow? A few nerves are completely normal, but stiff discussion is likely there to stay. If your new hire’s personality doesn’t bode well with the rest of your team, office morale is sure to dip in the months ahead! Curious how someone will fit into the day-to-day interaction and responsibilities? Require potential hires to take a personality test or an employee skills assessment before making your final decision. There’s just no room for average employees.


Tackles Time Management

Organization is huge. From content creation to account management, 21st-century marketing is no small task. There are always numerous deadlines to meet, budgets to remember and client preferences to keep in mind. Look for a new employee who won’t require constant guidance and frequent reminders. Independence is what America’s all about anyways, am I right?


Incredibly awesome and responsible employees are out there, but you won’t find them until you change your mindset and create a specific list of requirements for your future hire. You have a bad ass team now, it’d be a shame for one new person to ruin the momentum. Besides, you spend way too much time with your coworkers each week to add a less-than-desirable team member. We’re confident that incorporating these four skills into your list of requirements will help you find a new hire who will embrace and excel in the available position. Happy hiring!