Why We Love Quizzes (And You Should, Too!)

When the workload starts to slow down for the day, do you ever take a minute to fill out a quiz that catches your eye? I mean, who doesn’t want to find out which character they should marry from Grey’s Anatomy? Everyone loves finding out more about themselves, especially through quizzes. And, if you want more leads, so will you.


Quizzes are an incredible way to get more leads while engaging your audience. As marketers, we’re constantly thinking of creative ways to deliver valuable content to potential customers. Sometimes tried and true tactics just don’t cut it in finding leads. When you want to generate leads that will convert to your new favorite customers, quizzes can be your new go-to. Here’s how:


What Do You Want to Know?

When it comes to choosing a concept for your quiz, make sure it’s valuable to both you and your lead. If your topic doesn’t relate to what you’re trying to accomplish, the quiz just won’t convert. For example, if you’re trying to sell air conditioning units but you’re asking about which celebrity they resemble, it might not be a great topic.


Pick a title your audience will be drawn to and that isn’t more than eight words. People tend to click more often on quizzes with shorter titles and ones that have odd numbers in the headline. You also want to make sure it stays personal by using the word, “you.” This way, people will easily relate.


Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Depending on your objective, ask questions that would get people to finish the quiz. Questions should be quick and catchy to get their attention. Go ahead and use some imagery to really spice it up!


When you create your quiz, try not to ask more than nine questions. You want people to enjoy it and not feel burdened to answer everything you’d possibly want to know about them! Also, try not to ask more than one question at a time so you don’t confuse anyone. And finally, don’t be afraid to show some personality that accurately reflects your brand.


How Can You Capture Leads?

Once someone takes your quiz, it’d be a shame to run a quiz without capturing lead information. A great time to add that lead capture form is after the last question and before the results are given. Since your quiz taker will want to see the results, they won’t object to filling out an opt-in form.


Now that they’re invested, don’t let them down with lackluster results! Take the time to create a compelling results page that’s just as fun as the quiz. Include a great image that people can share with their outcome and a short description of why they got the status they did.


With this process in place, you’re on your way to generating amazing leads for your business. If you do a great job, your quiz will be shared in no time so others will want to find out their results, too! Once you receive the leads, you can personalize your email marketing based on the quiz they took. Mention it in your opening email and the quick reference will get them to engage with your brand in the future. That’s it. You’re that much closer to converting your new leads!