How to Use Case Studies and Testimonials to Find the Right Agency

One of the best ways to decide where to eat or what service to use is by researching reviews online. The same is true for finding a Digital Marketing Agency. The easiest way is to check out reviews from other customers. These can usually be found on Google, Upcity, or even the agency’s own website. But don’t just look at the star-rating. It’s important to go through the reviews and find out why they are being ranked a certain way. For instance, a digital marketing agency may have received 5-stars because they are amazing at producing blog content or are skilled at email marketing. But maybe you need them for something completely different like search engine optimization or website development. If you see something you’re unsure about or you have questions about the types of services they offer, ask them to clarify.

Reviews are a great place to start but you shouldn’t stop there. Many agencies will provide case studies on their website or will send them to you upon request. These “sneak peaks” should show how the agency provided a solution to a business’s problem and outline the results. If they do it correctly, the case studies should be easy to read and simple for you to understand. A few metrics that you should look for are return on investment (ROI), website visits, keyword rankings, number of leads generated, and organic search visits. If they don’t have a case study available, ask them to talk about clients they’ve worked with in the past and how the results apply to your company.

Also take a look at the types of companies the agency has worked with in the past. Are they small businesses or larger, more complex corporations? Are they categorized by different industries or do they all tend to fall within a similar field? This is an opportunity for marketing agencies to name-drop, so they’re likely to present you with their most well-known clients or those who have seen the greatest results. While it’s not crucial for them to have worked with companies similar to yours, it certainly helps you identify agencies that will be able to address your specific needs.

When in doubt, you can always turn to websites like who rank digital marketing agencies in your local area. We’re excited to say that we were featured as one of the top 15 digital marketing agencies in Jacksonville, FL. If you’re interested in seeing our case studies for a few of our favorite clients, send us an email!