Facebook + WhatsApp

Yeah, yeah, Facebook has been in hot water lately. But what does that typically mean for a company? They’re about to kick it into recovery mode. One of their latest and greatest achievements includes partnering with “WhatsApp” to give Facebook users easy access to getting their branding and message in front of businesses. Businesses will be accessible from Facebook in three different ways:


  1. A call-to-action button that immediately connects users to a conversation with the business

  2. Real-time support

  3. An option to allow businesses to send information (such as plane boarding passes) directly to users


Facebook will incorporate ads for businesses that link directly to the company’s WhatsApp. The coolest part of it all is that now when you’re logged in to WhatsApp, the messaging is almost identical to the app you already have: Facebook Messenger. This transition is expected to be seamless due to the look-alike features of WhatsApp and Messenger.


Businesses are becoming more accessible than ever and it’s about time Facebook took their initiatives to the global messaging scale. We’re getting out of the stone age of looking up phone numbers and generic emails, and we’ll now be able to slide into business’ DM’s and get the answers we need, immediately. So, throw out those out-of-date phonebooks and hop on a quick mobile chat with any business you need. Thanks, Facebook.