6 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z

Generation Z is here, and they’re more detached from human interaction than ever before. They were raised on quick Google searches and social media posts. As they make their way into the world as consumers, you should prepare marketing strategies that cater to their digital lifestyle. Here are a few tips straight from some Gen Z-ers on the EIC crew:


Meet Them Where They Exist

Members of Generation Z don’t frequent brick and mortars, and they definitely aren’t big into face-to-face interaction. They live on social media and other internet platforms. Social media and digital tools allow you to get in front of this audience at any hour of the day.

Stick to the Point

Gen Z is here for a good time, not a long time. This meaning: your campaigns and displays should focus on messaging that’s simple and direct. Keep the kids interested in your brand by creating simple but powerful content. Stick to the point, make it clear and make it pop.

Display Creative Designs

To intrigue Gen Z, your graphic designs need to be impressive and eye-catching. Generation Z has seen it all, and the more impressed they are with your ads or social media, the more inclined they’ll be to engage with your brand.

Mobile is Money

Mobile is vital to keep up with the Gen Z era. It’s the most popular outlet for reaching the new generation. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate via phone will give your brand a leg up with this audience.

Video, Video, Video!

Convenience is critical for the Gen Z community so use this to your advantage! Rather than creating a long, boring article for your customers to read, look into creating an engaging video that directly relays your message. Gen Z is just more likely to watch a video over reading an article. It’s as simple as that.

Individual Experiences

A cookie cutter shopping experience won’t dazzle these new consumers. They crave individuality, and you can make that happen for them. Collecting data and using it to interact with each individual customer enhances their experience with your brand and increases the likelihood of returning customers.

Branding and marketing are massive in the world of Generation Z. They’re incredibly picky when it comes to clicking on an ad because thousands of other brands are constantly targeting them. Stand out, be bold and create a marketing strategy that’s interesting and individualized. Don’t neglect this powerful consumer base, in this day and age, they’re key to growing your business!