Video Tips & Tricks to Growing Your Company

Between Youtube, Vimeo and other major video sites, everyone’s eyes are glued to video. So, why’s this good news to you? You now have a captive audience of millions. Using video to your advantage will be invaluable for your growing business. We’re all about a good video to attract potential customers, and we have a few ideas about how to fully use video tools to your advantage.



Eye-Catching Content


Make your video stand out from the rest by incorporating advanced visuals and modern effects. You can achieve this with editing tools, thumbnails or graphics. These tools are what first impress your audience. When you attract a viewer’s attention, their next step is to look into your company and what you do. Draw them in and give them the opportunity to see how awesome your company is!


Our in-house video content is eye-catching and informative for each client, thanks to our newest team member, Bobby Hessler! Bobby is a video WIZ and puts together some of the best multi-media productions we’ve ever seen. Period. Check out some of his work.



Tags and Keywords


Optimize your video’s viewability by using keywords and tags. Although the content isn’t written, you can still use keywords and tags to increase your SEO ranking. People need to be able to find your video easily for their viewing experience. Customers are not going to search deep for your videos, they’ll enter a few keywords and hope the best video pops up in the top five results. You need to ensure that your video is in that top five.


Video is an underused tool that we firmly believe in as one of the leading digital agencies in Jacksonville. Video creation is a fun process, but watching how our clients grow because of the videos is even more exhilarating. Hop on the video train and see how each view, comment and subscribe grows your business into a leader in the video world.