Traffic is Great, Sales are Better

Any digital marketing nerd (us included) gets excited when they check their analytics and find a spike in traffic. With the savage determination like a teenager hell bent on Instagram likes, it's easy to let the hunger for clicks get the best of you. Don't fall into this trap, we repeat do not fall in. The allusion of a high click rate may lead you to pursue efforts that will continue to run those numbers up when you should be focusing on the bullseye: the conversion rate. If you have high clicks and low conversion rates, here are a few ways you can get that conversion rate on track:

  1. Market Research - If you think you have enough market research, that could be your problem. Your customers are constantly changing so you need to constantly update your strategy.

  2. Analyze Your Buyer Experience - You need to develop an experience that draws your audience in to buy. Go through the experience yourself or take a step back and have a fresh set of eyes go through the process. Ask them to make any notes of things you can improve in the buying experience. It could be the difference you desperately need.

  3. Create Unique User Experiences - Create more targeted audiences and design ads that will appeal to the different segments in your overall goal audience. This could be in the creative of your ad or within the experience. Your goal should be to cater to your audience's needs and wants.

Clicks are nothing without conversions. A big priority for your sales team is to audit the buyer experience and make it unique. Conversions will happen when your audience is your main focus.