What a Badass Client Onboarding Process Looks Like

Client onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients/accounts to your business while effectively gathering the information you need to launch a successful campaign. Why? It’s crucial to reduce ambiguity and increase clarity to create a strong relationship with your new client. Those first couple of weeks with your new client are crucial to the success of the account and the relationship you build.

Here’s how to create a badass client onboarding process:

  • Ensure all necessary documents/contracts have been signed

  • Set clear expectations as to what a successful campaign looks like. It’s important to be on the same page with your clients from the get-go.

  • Outline a 30- or 45-day plan and present to the client as early as possible. This will hold your team accountable to certain tasks and gives the client a good idea of when and what to expect.

  • Gather all necessary credentials (Facebook, Google Analytics, Dropbox, etc.) Here’s a basic example of a login intake form we’ve created.

  • Send a client questionnaire to get a good grip on the client messaging, expectations, etc.

  • Schedule a launch party! Yep, that’s right. Book a time with your new client to celebrate your new partnership. We love meeting with the client over cocktails to unveil the new website, take a look at the ads we’ve created, or anything else that’s exciting.

There’s nothing more important during the onboarding process than keeping your client informed but not overwhelmed. Find out their preferred method of communication (call, text, email) and update them that way. No need to bog the client down with the nitty-gritty. Instead, send them fun previews of items you’ve created for them. If you have lots of questions you need answered, try to save them for your next in-person meeting.

Maintaining a clearly mapped out onboarding process will make it easy for your team to get to work, but also provide the client peace-of-mind when working with you. Once you show the client you know your stuff, they’ll rest easy knowing their business is in good hands.