Why we chose “Lifestyle Marketing”

A Note From Our President/Founder:

Hey everyone! Big changes have been happening over here and we are proud to announce that as of August 15th 2019, EIC Digital will be changing its company name to Lifestyle Marketing. A lot of thought went into this change and it’s important to explain why and what this name means. 

As a company, we are always changing and growing and it was time to make our name something we can stand behind. We’re making this change mainly because of what we see ourselves building in the years to come. We aren’t here to build a company just for the sake of it but because we want to build something different and innovative. One of our missions is that we want to help create the absolute best lifestyle for everyone we come in contact with, whether that be our employees, clients, vendors or charitable partners. 

About a year ago, we started noticing that our long term clients were creating the life they envisioned when they first opened their business. This is due to their hard work and we’d like to think partly because the services we provide have allowed them to have actual free time. We could not be more proud to have had the privilege of being apart of their growth. While, yes, we do their marketing, we also talk through major issues and implement systems to automate day-to-day processes so that our clients can have that rewarding life, they dreamed of, when first getting started. 

Not only that, those who work here at the best digital agency in Jacksonville (no bias) are forward thinking and positive people who enjoy what they do by helping clients succeed, every day. Our employees get unlimited paid vacations, a growth-oriented work environment and a team who truly cares about them and our community.

Here at Lifestyle we really care about creating something that can have a positive impact on Jacksonville and beyond. We believe in giving back; constant growth; having integrity; doing what you say you’ll do; driving insane results for our clients; and living our own best lives.  That is why we partner with nonprofits we really believe in, because we rise by lifting others. Life is so short and we wanted every aspect of our company to reflect what we are about. EIC Digital was just the name I grabbed when I started this company. I didn’t know it at the time but it has been a placeholder name until now. We’re building something pretty incredible and I wanted our name to reflect that.  

After almost 9 years as EIC I feel this name best represents the vision we have to build our company and I’m excited you’re on this journey with us. 

Come join us to build the lifestyle you’ve been envisioning for yourself!

Chris Himel

President/Founder of Lifestyle Marketing