Video Content is King: Here’s Why

If you’re anything like the rest of us, the first thing you do after swiping off your alarm is scroll through social media. You may not notice, but you’ve probably seen at least five videos before getting out of bed in the morning. Think about it. That video ad that pops up while you’re watching another video counts. That’s a heck of a lot of media first thing in the morning! Without a doubt, the videos on each social network are the most attention-grabbing and highest-viewed forms of media. Videos are extremely intriguing and it’s important to know how to use that fact to your advantage.


Ad Content

Social media is free for users...but we all know nothing is ever truly free. Thanks to ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all free to use. Here’s the best part, you can get in front of millions of social media users by running ads. Video ads are definitely striking and interesting to users. Investing in really good video content will impress social media users and capture more leads. We suggest you get on the video social media ad content train and start reaping the benefits.


Site Content

If a video is placed at the forefront of your site, your audience will immediately see/hear your message without exploring your site copy.Whether there’s a video on the homepage of your site to explain the overview of your services, or you work one into a blog to explain the details of your work, videos will help increase traffic to your site. In fact, embedded videos in websites can increase  traffic by up to 55%. With a boom in traffic you’ll see a boom in leads, all because of a few fun videos.


Email Content

Sending out email content is a direct way to get in front of people, but you want these contacts to click and retain the information you’re sending out. Viewers retain up to 95% of video content versus retain only 10% of written content. There’s a huge gap in between those percentages, and we know it’s best to be on the side that’s getting the most attention. Your email content can even include a landing page with video content. Landing pages that include video content can see up to 80% conversions of site traffic. Those rates should have you filming content immediately!


Video content is rockin’ our world right now and it should be on the forefront of every business’ campaigns. Video reaches clients in a much more approachable manner than written word, and it’s easier for these clients and future clients to understand your message. Get ahead of the game and start using video content for your own gain. Video content is the most underestimated tool in the toolbox. Start using this tool and you’ll begin to see major results.



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