SEO in 2018 Means Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search

We all know and love Siri (and a few Siri alternatives.) These voice to text search engines are popping up everywhere for one reason: convenience. It’s 2018 and our time is more valuable than ever, making small tasks such as typing to search for content largely inconvenient and not worth our time. In order to keep up in 2018 we recommend you optimize your website for voice search. It’s all the rage, and it’s certainly not a fad.

Keep it Simple

Google is most interested in short and concise answers to voice searches. On average, voice search results are around 29 words in length.¹ The language of this search result should be written at a high school level. Simplified, easy-to-read content will likely perform better for voice search SEO. In order to increase snippet readability, avoid beginning snippets with phrases such as “however.” Get to the point of the content, make it brief and use common language.


Fast Responses

People who use voice search want answers as fast as possible. You need to have a site that responds rapidly, due to the need for speed by voice search engine users. Google announced that as of July 2018, pagespeed will be considered a ranking tool on mobile sites. They’ll call this the “Speed Update.”² Pagespeed is already a ranking tool for desktop and now due to the push for Siri and other voice search engines, mobile is booming for SEO. Due this boom pagespeed is now also a ranking tool for mobile sites. Keep your site moving quickly and you’ll likely gain more traction through voice search.


HTTPS-Secured Scores Results

It’s been known that HTTPS boosts your SEO, but what you may not know is that HTTPS dominates Google voice search results. Studies show that 70% of search result URLs are HTTPS-secured while only 50% of desktop url results are HTTPS-secured.¹ This is a major difference that could be the difference between your business gaining or losing traction. Your SEO plan should definitely include becoming HTTPS-secured.


The time is now to optimize your site for voice search results. You’ll be ahead of the game and be caught up with Google trending results. Mobile voice search engines could be that missing link between you and future clients. Build up your site to draw in those prospects that are on-the-go and focus on voice search engine results that converts leads into clients.



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² Google Webmaster Central Blog, 2018.