Instagram & Facebook Features You Didn't Know Existed

We all know and love Instagram and Facebook. It’s how we connect with friends, family and entertainment. There are few things you may not know about your favorite social media sites. There are features that you use everyday and some features that you’ve never seen before. We’re here to help you better understand your favorite pastime and take full advantage of your social presence.



  • Everyone slides into your DM’s, but did you know there’s a folder full of message requests from people who aren’t already your friends? When you open your messages in Messenger, click on the “settings” icon and select “message requests.” Here you can find who’s trying to chat with you and what they want to say.

  • We all have those posts we want to read but never have enough time. There’s a solution for this scenario: click on the ellipsis icon on the right-hand side of the post and click the “save post” drop down option. The post will be saved on the left-hand side of your Facebook screen with a red ribbon to highlight what you’ve saved.

  • Facebook keeps track of all of those friend requests that you sent out and were never answered. You can check out whether or not your Aunt Phyllis either deleted your friend request entirely or just simply never answered you. We would all love to know who gave us the cold shoulder by deleting our requests or who simply never checks Facebook.


  • Are you #blessed? Now Instagram lets you see everyone else’s posts that are #blessed, too. You can follow any hashtag and see every public photo that’s associated with it. These photos will pop up on your timeline so you can browse all of those #blessed photos. Whether it’s keeping up with a fashion trend or staying in the loop about a TV show, this new feature works for any hashtag you have in mind.

  • Show your followers how you’re feeling by adding some GIFs onto your story. Not only do you get to boomerang that rockin’ salad you just ordered but you can also use a smiley GIF sticker to show everyone how happy and healthy you are! There are so many GIF options in the story gallery, so you can express every mood you’re feeling that day.

  • Your InstaStory now has an arsenal of different fonts to really express what you have on your mind. Maybe you identify more with a cursive font rather than a typewriter font, or vise versa. Whichever font you desire, you can now express it with your everyday happenings. Going to the grocery store? Let your followers know with a boomerang of bananas with a cursive caption saying, “Going bananas!”...or whatever floats your boat.


Step up your Facebook and Instagram game with these cool tools you didn’t even know existed. Now, you can impress your family and friends with your vast knowledge of social media. Keep active on social media and use every feature you never knew you had and you’ll be on your way to influencer status in no time.