Silence is a Message, Not Usually a Good One

Reading a book about customer service doesn’t immediately sound like the most entertaining thing in the world. You’d expect to read tips on how to be nice to people and respond promptly, things common sense would tell you. But that’s not my experience with this book. Raving Fans, A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service was probably the most entertaining book of the month for me because it talked about customer service in a story form. And everyone loves a great story!

The story begins with an Area Manager of a large company who’s given the task of improving his division’s customer service strategy. It sounded easy enough, until his supervisor informed him that the previous area managers were fired no more than eight months into his position. Common sense tactics were not going to work this time, he thought, until he looked up and saw a man in full golf attire appear in his office. After a brief and odd conversation, Charlie the golfer, revealed himself to be his fairy godmother who would teach him the secrets to Raving Fan customer service.

The story continues with the Area Manager visiting CEOs of successful companies and learning the secrets of customer service one at a time from them. Throughout the Area Manager’s journey, the main lesson he learned was that:

Just having satisfied customers wasn’t enough.

I think that’s so important in how we do business here at EIC Digital. We’re not just going to sell a digital marketing plan and hope it works out. We put a little more heart into it and I’m proud of that. We take time to get to know our clients and we don’t take shortcuts. There’s hardly a meeting where we don’t bring a small gift, like a scratch off ticket, and an interesting article because we care about the relationship we’re building. We take our time to research as a team who our client’s ideal customer is and what marketing initiatives will generate the best possible results.

Creating Raving Fans, not just satisfied clients, is our number one focus at EIC. We measure our success on feedback and we ask for it often. One thing the Area Manager in the story learned was that:

Silence is a message and it’s usually not a good one.

Most customers who are actually unsatisfied normally don’t say much when asked for feedback because they believe it won’t do much good. Only when customers are really fed up do they say something, and by then it’s too late to change their mind. That means, listening to our clients is a top priority for our team.

Honest feedback, hard work, a strong relationship and a dose of humor are what we’re about here at EIC Digital.