3 Google Ranking Tools You Need to Use Right Now

If you aren’t taking advantage of Google’s ranking tools...What are you waiting for?! Your company’s online presence is extremely important in order to gain leads and turn them into clients. The more accessible you are online, the more inclined users are to reach out to you for business. When you Google search anything you’re bound to click on the top results rather than any second page listings. To ensure your company is listed on the first page of Google searches, you need to start using these tools:

1. Google Analytics

Looking into the analytics behind your website is extremely helpful. Google analytics allows you to view specific demographics for each site visitor, optimize based on certain devices and gives you complete website stats and search insites. It tracks all kinds of traffic generated on your website, allow you to interpret these findings and optimize what is working for your site. However you gain the most traffic is where you should devote most of your attention. Continue using Google analytics to keep up to date about how your listing is performing and see how your site traffic is evolves.


2. Google Keyword Planner

Learn about your audience’s common searches and stay up to date with search trends. Keyword Planner allows you to see data about the most common keywords people search on Google. The planner shows you whether or not the keywords have high competition, medium competition or low competition. The planner also shows the amount of searches a keyword generates each month. The searches normally show either 10-100 per month or 100-1k each month. This is crucial in understanding where your keywords are ranking in at.

3. AWR Cloud

Use this tool to understand the keywords you’re tracking on a totally new level. AWR Cloud shows plenty of in-depth stats, including the daily position of your keywords on each search engine. The ultimate goal is to have as many keywords as possible show up in the top three results in order to drive the most traffic to your site as possible.


No matter what industry you’re in, showing up in the top few search results is imperative to driving new business. With the help of the handy tools we’ve outlined, you’re on your way to doing just that. The higher your Google ranking is, the better your business will perform online. We love these tools and swear by them, so join the crowd and don’t let your business lag behind.