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  • A large digital marketing agency that American Window Products had been working with was not producing results.

  • Not only did the agency not show a return on their investment, but they also lost American Window’s URL - a major issue.

  • This experience made American Windows very hesitant to commit to any other digital marketing agency.


  • Understanding their frustration, we brought them in to solve their current issues. We were confident we could show American Windows actionable results based on their investments with us.

  • To show the American Window’s team our commitment to their success, we met with them 11 times before they signed. We provided the trust they needed to believe we would go above and beyond to live up to our promises.

  • Our team developed a SEO plan based heavily on content creation and inbound lead nurturing.

  • We Identified the most-visited pages on their site, so we could optimize visits with relevant call to actions (CTAs) and quality content.


  • Quarterly ROI reports have shown that 20% of American Window Products' revenue is from website leads.

  • This company has seen record sales since they began working with us.

  • They consistently make $1 for every 3 cents they spend with us.

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